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Homeowner Stories

Sandy’s Story: A Story of Hope

Habitat for Humanity came into our lives when it seemed all hope was lost. We lost our house when the housing market crashed and had been renting ever since. Our landlord did not want to renew our lease because he needed to move back into his own house. I was having a much needed surgery…

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Thankful for a Home

Thankful for a Home As this is the season that reminds us to be thankful, I’m thankful for Habitat for Humanity of Hall County. Because of Habitat, me and my kids will finally own a home of our own. Habitat of Hall County has helped make getting a home possible, otherwise, we’d be stuck paying…

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Habitat Home Fosters Love

Habitat Home Fosters Love Her children have given her many names, Mrs. Martha, Nam, and even Mom. Martha Coley is still fostering at age 82. She has cared for over 103 children, both typical and special needs. The foster mother began her journey at the age of 24, and has been fostering children through Hall…

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The Story of Family #64

The Story of Family #64 I am a single mother of four and I care for my disabled mother. Seven years ago, I moved to Georgia to escape a very abusive situation. When we arrived in Georgia, we had only the clothes on our backs and two small suitcases for my children. I had a…

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Jaucelyn’s Own Room

Jaucelyn’s Own Room Having a home for my family has been my dream ever since my daughter Jaucelyn entered this world. I’ve worked hard and prayed to try to give my daughter her own room, a safe haven. Our journey began after Jaucelyn’s mother and I split, when we moved in with my mother where…

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A Mother’s Prayer: Esther’s Story

A Mother’s Prayer: Esther’s Story My name is Esther. My husband and I have five wonderful children. Having a home has been one of our main goals for our family and our children’s future. It is something I have worked and prayed for. We were living in an apartment where rent continued rising every year.…

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