From Pregnant at 14 to Paid in Full: A Habitat Success Story

Lakeisha began her adult life early on, giving birth to her son at age 14. At the age of 14, Lakeisha dropped out of high school to go to work full-time. She had three more children by the age of 20. Although she had always been hardworking, her toils didn’t afford her any advancement opportunity, and she continued to work difficult jobs for little pay and lived in substandard subsidized housing. She longed to be financially independent and stable for her family and herself. She knew her life and future held so much more than the desperation of poverty.

Reid wasn’t expecting to become Habitat Hall’s 15th homeowner when she attended a Habitat Orientation meeting with a friend on a Friday night in 2004. She didn’t go to the meeting with any interest in Habitat, she just happened to be invited by a friend. Little did she know, that meeting would forever shape her life and the lives of her children.

  After applying with Habitat, her next big surprise came while attending a single ladies group event at Hopewell Baptist Church. For the first time in her 24 years of life, a woman asked if she could pray for her. Lakeisha says, “I don’t know what happened, but I went in one way and came out another way.” This was the first time anyone had ever offered to pray for her or share the gospel of Jesus Christ. After that moment, she dedicated her life to God and never looked back.

Lakeisha moved into her Habitat home in 2006 and continued to grow in her success. In the fall of 2013 Lakeisha started an entry-level position at a Medicare Set-Aside Company. In her interview for the job, she told her future boss she had no real qualifications or education, but she would work hard and would be committed to learning everything she could. She has been there now for 6 years and has made it to the high position of assistant manager. Her blessings don’t stop there. In August she sold her Habitat House and made almost $100,000 from the sale! This great windfall propelled her into a debt-free situation allowing her to buy a brand new home in the lovely area of Gillsville. She says, “God was looking out for me even before I knew him.” She credits all the lucky happenstances in her life to God’s plan and favor for her. She now works from home is financially independent and successful. Her three eldest have graduated from East Hall High School and one currently attends Truett McConnell University. Her youngest is set to graduate from East Hall in the spring. Lakeisha’s story is one of true triumph in the face of adversity. She credits Habitat with helping her become a homeowner on Earth and claiming an eternal home in heaven.

Lakeisha’s Habitat Home
Lakeisha’s New Home