Happy in a Home: The Buffington’s Story

Hi, we are the Buffingtons! We have two wonderful young boys. Having our own home has always been a goal of ours and will finally be a reality due to our Habitat partnership. Although we know there are better days ahead, our current situation is difficult. We live in a small 2-bedroom apartment on the less desirable side of town. In the apartment, mold invades all of the windows. The windows do not shut all the way. When it is winter, the cold creeps in through the space in the windows. The cruel reverse is true in the summer. If you can get past the structural problems of our home, the neighborhood will certainly make an impression.

The neighborhood is not safe at all. Much of the time, the boys aren’t allowed outside to play. Our oldest son loves basketball and we were told we could no longer have his basketball goal on the property. With all of that, it was time to make a change. I saw a post about Habitat homeownership on Facebook and started my journey there. We did our orientation, filled out the application, gathered documents and turned it in. We soon received the letter we were approved. So many emotions and excitement rushed during the reading of that letter. Since then we have been working hard to complete our sweat equity hours. My husband and I have both completed just over 60 hours each of our combined 520. Soon we will have our very own home. We will all be happy because our prayers have been answered.

-Heather & Josh, Home #66