Our program is currently at capacity. Please check back for updates on when we will reopen the selection cycle.



Habitat Homeownership Flyer 2023

Habitat families agree to pay a $1,500 closing cost contribution, perform sweat equity (volunteer) hours, maintain their homes, and make their monthly mortgage payments on time.
We have the philosophy that shelter is a basic human need and that everyone deserves a simple, decent place in which to live and grow. We believe that without decent shelter, people are robbed of their hope for the future.

These homes are sold, not given, to approved homeowner applicants. Working together, volunteers and families transcend cultural, status, and racial boundaries while providing affordable housing to those qualified applicants living in Hall County. Moving into and owning a Habitat home improves the quality of life for its residents, not only in their physical surroundings, but also by instilling a sense of pride and responsibility which comes with homeownership.

The first step to homeownership is viewing orientation materials and downloading the Homeowner Application.

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