Our program is currently at capacity. Please check back for updates on when we will reopen the selection cycle.



Habitat families agree to pay a $1,500 closing cost contribution, perform sweat equity (volunteer) hours, maintain their homes, and make their monthly mortgage payments on time.
We have the philosophy that shelter is a basic human need and that everyone deserves a simple, decent place in which to live and grow. We believe that without decent shelter, people are robbed of their hope for the future.

These homes are sold, not given, to approved homeowner applicants. Working together, volunteers and families transcend cultural, status, and racial boundaries while providing affordable housing to those qualified applicants living in Hall County. Moving into and owning a Habitat home improves the quality of life for its residents, not only in their physical surroundings, but also by instilling a sense of pride and responsibility which comes with homeownership.

The first step to homeownership is viewing orientation materials and downloading the Homeowner Application.

1. Need substandard living conditions

Applicants need to live or work in Hall County, be a US Citizen or Permanent US Resident, and be in an inadequate shelter.

2. Ability to pay an affordable mortgage

Gross family income, debt-to-income ratio and other financial information are all considered.

3. Willingness to partner and build their own home

Stay connected and engaged, put in Sweat Equity and participate.

1. Need

  • Applicants need to live or work in Hall County for at least 2 years.
  • Applicants must be a documented US Citizen, Permanent US Resident or DACA recipient.
  • Applicants must have a current housing need as determined by the condition of current shelter, housing cost or neighborhood safety. Examples of housing need include:
    • Inadequate shelter because of problems with heating, water supply, electricity, unsafe structure
    • Inaccessibility for disabled family members
    • Overcrowded living conditions as determined by number of persons per bedroom, their ages and genders
    • Current neighborhood is unsafe or unsuitable for children or other household members

2. Ability to Pay

  • Debt-to-income ratio: Monthly debt payment should not prohibit applicant from meeting normal cost of living expenses. Total long-term debt expenses (including projected house payments, insurance, taxes and utilities) should not exceed 43% of monthly gross income.
  • Applicants agree to disclose financial and personal information, including employment verification, proof of income, tax returns, payment records, criminal background checks, military records (when applicable), credit checks, etc.
  • Applicants have demonstrated an ability to make regular monthly payments for rent, utilities, etc. for 2 years.
  • Applicants do not have excessive collections or more than $2,000 in charge-offs or collection debt.
  • Applicants’ incomes will not stop or decrease if the applicants own a home.
  • Applicants have acceptable credit history (must be 2 years settled from having any bankruptcy).
  • Household gross family income must be between 60- 80% of the Gainesville area median income.

3. Willingess to Partner

  • Applicants must stay connected and engaged with Habitat staff throughout the program.
  • Applicants complete Habitat program application requirements, including the home visit.
  • Applicants agree to meet monthly with the Homeowner Support staff.
  • Applicants agree to fulfill 260 hours of Sweat Equity per adult, and 100 hours per adult child over 18.
  • Applicants agree to participate and complete Habitat’s homeowner orientation, financial, and education program.
  • Applicants agree to pay closing cost contribution (minimum of $1,500.00) prior to house being built.
  • Applicants agree to assume full responsibility for the necessary maintenance and repairs of home after occupancy.
  • Applicants agree to make mortgage payments each month for the duration of the mortgage loan.