Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions! 

Does Habitat for Humanity of Hall County give homes away?

No. Habitat provides qualifying families the opportunity to purchase affordable homes.

What size are Habitat for Humanity of Hall County homes?

Homes are between 2-4 bedroom and usually 2 bath

What is the interest rate on a home?

Homeowners pay NO interest on their mortgages.

How long is the whole process?

18- 24 months

What if I have a criminal background?

Many people with criminal histories are eligible for Habitat's program. Habitat Hall has an established, point-based, objective scoring sheet which accounts for time since conviction, number of crimes, evidence of rehabilitation, state supervision status, nature of offence, and age at time of crime.

Is there a limit to how many times I can apply?


Are Habitat for Humanity of Hall County Homes energy-efficient?

Yes! Habitat for Humanity of Hall County homes are Jackson EMC Right Choice Certified.

How does Habitat for Humanity of Hall County pay for construction costs?

Habitat relies on the support of sponsors, donors, and volunteers to help build homes.

Who are the house sponsors?

Corporations, faith-based organizations, foundations, and individuals partner to sponsor homes financially and provide volunteers.

How often does Habitat for Humanity of Hall County build homes?

We are currently averaging about 4 homes per year.

Can anyone apply to become a Habitat for Humanity of Hall County homebuyer?

Yes. Habitat follows a nondiscriminatory policy of homebuyer selection. Neither race nor religion is a factor. Applicant must live or work in Hall County for the last 2 years.

What is expected of a homebuyer once approved?

Homebuyers are expected to invest 260 sweat-equity hours in building his/her home and others, volunteering in the ReStore, and make an affordable down payment, and participate in financial education and home maintenance classes.

How much is a mortgage payment?

Monthly mortgage payments typically average around $650 and include escrow for taxes and insurance.

Does Habitat renovate existing homes?

Yes, but not at this time. We plan to build out our existing dedicated subdivision, Copper Glen, before we return to doing rehabilitations. When we renovate existing homes we first do a thorough investigation and assessment to ensure that any home selected for renovation can meet the same quality and green-building standards that we follow with new builds. Air quality, sustainability and energy-efficiency are as important in our renovated homes as they are in newly constructed houses.