“I had been helped, so I wanted to help someone else.”

Candy at Women Build 2020 building walls for the Buffington Home

At Women Build on Saturday, March 7th, I had the privilege of learning more about a new Habitat volunteer, Candy. She and I had been hammering away on a wall panel together and we had a moment to talk while our cut-man, Jasziel, was catching up. I asked her what brought her to Habitat. She told me she was moved to give back. She had been helped in her life, and wanted to help another. She said she had always wanted to have her own home, but realized the money needed for a down payment was not within her reach. A generous family member blew her away when he told her he would be glad to help her achieve homeownerhip by helping her pay the down payment. She has now been in her dream home for over a year. She decided she wanted to help others achieve the dream of homeownership. She found that opportunity through Habitat, and gave back by working alongside Heather and Josh to build the walls for their new home in Copper Glen. Not only is she sharing her sweat, but she also created a Facebook fundraiser to help gather funding for the Buffington Build which has raised over $100!
Her actions are a true testament to loving her neighbor and offering a hand-up when we can. We are beyond grateful for her spirit of kindness and her willingness to put her love into action. If we all give a little where we can, we can do a lot!