Sandy’s Story: A Story of Hope

Habitat for Humanity came into our lives when it seemed all hope was lost. We lost our house when the housing market crashed and had been renting ever since. Our landlord did not want to renew our lease because he needed to move back into his own house. I was having a much needed surgery about the same time we were having to move. Although we were both working full time, we couldn’t afford to rent anywhere that was available for our family size. We couldn’t qualify for a loan to buy a house. I prayed for an answer.

                I saw that Habitat for Humanity was having an orientation meeting that Saturday. My Husband was reluctant to go since I had just had my surgery two days before. He was worried I’d be in too much pain, but I was determined to go to the meeting. It was our only hope. In the meantime, we would have to stay with family while we attempted to complete the process of applying.

                At this point we were homeless, we had no place to call our own. Our four children didn’t have their own rooms, and our extended family were giving up their rooms so we could have a place to stay. People were having to sleep on the floor. When you have such a big family, it’s hard to ask someone to take that many people into their own home. Luckily, we were blessed with such a kind and generous family.

                Jeremy was working for a temp agency and I was working as a Nutrition Assistant at a local high school, where I have worked for four years. While on his temp job at a plastic manufacturing plant, he got injured and was put on light duty.  The temp agency found him a light duty job at the Habitat Restore while he recovered.  When it was time for Jeremy to go back on regular duty at the plastic company, he didn’t want to leave the Habitat ReStore.  He had fallen in love with the store and all the people that worked there. On the day that we were turning in our Habitat homeownership application the Habitat managers told Jeremy they were just about to call him to offer him a job. It seemed like it was meant to be.  It was a huge blessing and a relief for him to have a permanent job. A job that he is very proud to have, where he can help people.

                Then we got the call about being approved, it was the best news of our lives. Our prayers had been answered, we would have a home. We would have a home in a place that is being built to help make a community. A community to raise our kids and build a life. A place to call our own, a place to call HOME. We are so thankful and blessed to have Habitat for Humanity in our lives. They helped us go from being homeless to having a home, and living in a community to raise our family.  We are truly grateful for this opportunity.

-Sandy and Family, House #66