The Mitchell Family Story

Hello, I am Kreneeshia Mitchell, a proud 44-year-old mom of two awesome children. My daughter is Sharia and my son is Amir. My kids and I currently live with my parents. I truly thank the Creator for my parents and their generosity, because all of my kids’ lives, during times of great need, my parents have welcomed us back into their home many times.
I had just turned 20 years old when I had my first child, Sharia. We stayed with my parents until she was 3 years old. Her father had other things going on at the time. I decided to move out on my own and was able to obtain a low-income 2-bedroom apartment. At that time, I was also going to college and working.
When my daughter turned 7, we welcomed her brother into our small apartment. After living in the apartment for a total of seven years, I was ready to purchase a home for my family, and my son’s father was ready to help. We were approved for the mortgage, but quickly learned that we were not able to handle what was in front of us. Neither the home buying nor the relationship survived that stress and struggle.
My parents have a three-bedroom home, where my brother has also lived for a while. Even though it may have been a little crowded, we have always made the space that we have work with grateful hearts. We have moved back in with my parents on many different occasions, and lived in different homes that were unaffordable then, and are most definitely unaffordable now. Because of my past experience with a failed mortgage, I have been scared to leave my parents’ home because of stability for my kids, until a great day in November of 2019. My father came home with a flyer about Habitat for Humanity homes. I immediately began the process and thankfully have been approved for a Habitat Home. I am so thankful that my kids and I will finally have some stability and an affordable place to call our own. I am so thankful to Habitat and all of the supporters who are making affordable homeownership a reality for us.

-Kreneeshia Mitchell, Habitat Homebuyer