Trey Kemp comes to Habitat

Lee and Trey Kemp smile in front of the Habitat ReStore in Gainesville.

Coming to Habitat begins an adventure that I am very much looking forward to. To me, this is an entirely new way to look at construction. At Habitat we are building out of necessity, instead of desire, and I am glad to be a part of helping our clients achieve their goal of owning a home of their own. My goal is to help as many people as possible by increasing productivity to get more houses built per year. As I grow with this organization I would like to be able to serve more than one family at a time through new community outreach programs and potentially building multifamily dwellings.

I have been working in construction since graduating from the University of North Georgia in 2012. I started my quest in commercial construction working in the field and eventually was able to work my way into a leadership position. After, I went to work on my own, in both residential and commercial construction, which led me to Habitat.

Growing up I was able to learn a great deal about leadership and construction from my dad who was a home builder. Working with him I not only learned about construction, but he showed me the value of helping others in need which led me to this point in my career. Now I have the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge acquired over the years to help those in need to achieve their goals of being a homeowner through affordable housing.

-Trey Kemp, Director of Construction