Board of Directors

090823 Habitat Board AJR0020

Board Members not shown above: 

Lila Weaver
Executive Director

Betsy Wigington

Kathy Wedegis

Sara Ogden

Bob Shank

Craig Shoemaker

Camille Viera

Phillip Turner

Habitat Hall Staff

Lila Weaver

Executive Director

Kendrick Dye

Director of Construction

Melissa Wiley

Grants & Homeowner Services Manager

Madilynn Peck

Director of Operations & Strategic Development

Mimy Ngalula


Holly Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator

Josh Earl

On-Site Construction Supervisor

Restore Team

Keith Remaley

Restore Manager

Cody Murphy

Store Associate

Trent Parker

ReStore Associate

Jeffrey Schreck

Truck Driver

Sara Cockran

ReStore Associate

Demetreas Bronner

Store Associate