Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Alison McElvery
Executive Director

Neal Broadwell

Keith Collier
Vice Chair

Patrick Tillman

Patsy Kilmartin

Larry Forbes
Construction Consultant

Board Members

Ardy Franssen

Betsy Wigington

Clay Shope

David Stevens

David Westfall, M.D.

Dee Lee

Jasmine Mays

Jenifir Dimo

Kathy Wedegis

Nicole Columbo

Sandy Salyers

Will Hicks

Wilton Rooks

Our Staff

Executive Staff

Alison McElvery
Executive Director

Christine Osasu
Director of Strategic Marketing, Communications and Grant Development

Kim Overcash
Finance Director

Trey Kemp
Director of Construction



ReStore Team

Billy Patterson
ReStore Manager

Jeremy Roberts

Jeffrey Schreck
Truck Assistant